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American, Georgina Wilkinson, flew to Scotland to catch her friend out in an international game of tag, before immediately flying back home, Unilad reports.

The friend, Drew, was attending his niece’s christening at Loch Lomond, when the tagging took place. 

Georgina met Drew in 2010 as part of a student programme in China. “There’s a group of 10 of us and we’ve been playing for six years. We’re spaced all over the world, from Sydney to me in the USA,” Georgina told Unilad. There are only two rules to the game: you cannot tag the person who tags you, and after tagging someone you have to leave immediately.

Georgina strategised with Drew’s brother on Facebook. They discussed having Georgina hiding in the water underneath a pier, dressing up as a priest, and even rowing in on a boat. In the end it was decided that Georgina would pretend to be painting a water colour on the shores of the loch, but had to change her plans when it started raining. 

Instead, she managed to get some gardening gloves and a few tools, and hunched down next to one of the gardens, waiting for the right moment. 

For a video of the events, see the original article here.

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