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New requirement for Spanish spousal visas Today's News

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Applicants for a Spanish visa as the spouse of an EU passport holder, now have to prove that their marriage is registered in the same EU country as their spouse’s passport.

The BLS Spain Visa Application Centre introduced the new requirement about two weeks ago with no official announcement.

Andrea Bonalumi, owner of Visa Box, says visitors who travel to Spain with a spouse who holds an EU passport, are exempt from paying the consular visa fee of €60 (R900). They are also exempt from having to provide bank statements and proof of accommodation and travel insurance. Up until now, an SA unabridged marriage certificate and a copy of the spouse’s EU passport have been sufficient to prove the marriage.

Andrea found out about the new requirement when a South African client of hers, who has been travelling to Spain for the past 20 years with his British wife, was told that he needed to prove that their marriage was registered in the UK. “We do plenty of these kinds of applications and this has never been a requirement,” says Andrea. “However, it only seems to apply to Spain – for now.”

Today's News

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