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Emirates introduces new date change tax code Today's News

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Effective May 1, Emirates will introduce a new global tax code to collect date change fees. Currently tax code OB is being used but this will be replaced with code OD.

The change is being implemented for Emirates to align with industry tax code definitions.  OB stands for Ticketing Fees including both credit card and ticket fees, while the new OD code specifically stands for Penalty Fee.

The change will come into effect on the same date for Emirates’ internal systems and all GDSs, and the new OD code will appear in fare rules in Cat 16 under ‘Penalties’.  

In the case of a ticket being reissued multiple times the latest reissue after May 1 is to show OB as ‘paid’ fee and OD for the new date change fee.  If a ticket was previously reissued using the OD code, the latest reissue is to show OD as ‘paid’ fee and OD for the new date change fee.

Today's News

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