Monday Smile: Scotsman sets bagpipe playing record Today's News

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Three Wheels Co. is a group of travel bloggers attempting to set a world record. Travis Bluemling is American, Chris Parkes is British-South African, and Ross OC Jennings is the Scotsman who aims to play the bagpipes in every country across the globe.

The three men set off to explore Namibia, staying at various Gondwana Collection properties. 

The Three Wheels Co. met via Instagram and have been travelling together for a few years now. Ross, also known as the First Piper, has been pursuing his world record since 2014 and has travelled to 72 countries so far. 

Travis Bluemling was an athlete turned Peace Corps employee and is now immersed in the cultures of the world, and Chris Parkes has been a life-long photographer, with a history in forensic imaging. 

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