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FlySafair rolls out on-board card payments Today's News

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FlySafair has rolled out the test phase of its in-flight mobile point-of-sale system, AviaPay, making it the first low-cost carrier to offer cashless transactions on all its flights.

Kirby Gordon, the airline’s head of sales and distribution, said: “It’s in a mature phase now where we’re running a good, consistent service. The portion of sales that we were doing in cash is also slowly being replaced by card payments as more and more passengers learn that the option is actually available to them.”

As a result, FlySafair has seen an overall increase of in-flight sales and, according to Kirby, this is down to convenience. “Not only will this make transacting easier, but it also means passengers won’t have to risk carrying cash on them.” 

The product is the result of a partnership between BlueMarket Retail Solutions, and payment service providers, PayGate and PosMarket, and was specifically designed to address the needs of the aviation industry. Currently, AviaPay is only available for catering services, however Kirby confirmed that plans are in place to offer a wider range of products, such as in-flight payments for car rental or airport parking. “Previously, trying to sell those sorts of things wasn’t really possible because people tended to carry limited amounts of cash on them, but now with this facility, the sky is literally the limit.”

The new service accepts all Visa and MasterCard products, meaning that payment can be made with either a credit or debit card. 

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