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Survey shows SA car rental second cheapest in world Today's News

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A 2016 survey by Deutsche Bank that uses Avis Budget Group LLC data shows that SA domestic car rentals are the second cheapest in the world, sitting right behind China. 

Interestingly, this makes SA car rentals about a quarter of the price of comparable rentals in New York.

According to the survey, the price of SA car rentals has halved in the past four years due to exchange rates. In 2012, rates were sitting at $69.30 (R884.84) per day, whereas they are now at $35 (R448.89) per day.

Lance Smith, sales executive of Avis southern Africa, says, “As car rental providers, we have been doing our level best to keep prices down in order to offer the local market the best deals possible. But when one looks at the rates international travellers pay, South Africa is almost unbeatable.”

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